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About time management games

In the games of this genre you’ll be offered to create the chain of restaurants, to run a shop or a diner. The task is to serve the customers and have as many of them satisfied as possible. Usually there is a day’s goal which you have to meet in a given period of time. Serve hundreds of hilarious, polite and extremely fault-finding customers and learn to manage your time wisely.

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Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure game

Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure

Protect deserted islanders from a wide range of threats in Shaman Odyssey!

Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure game screenshot
Diner Dash 5: Boom! game

Diner Dash 5: Boom!

Serve customers to earn the money needed to design a brand new restaurant!

Diner Dash 5: Boom! game screenshot
Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age game

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age

Join Scarlett as she travels to the North Pole to check out a farm she purchased.

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age game screenshot
Potion Bar game

Potion Bar

You’ll have to be quick on your feet as a variety of customers order an assortment of mystical brews.

Potion Bar game screenshot
The Palace Builder game

The Palace Builder

You are a young, unknown architect looking for your big break and a chance to impress the Queen.

The Palace Builder game screenshot
Jane’s Realty 2 game

Jane’s Realty 2

Reconstruct ramshackle houses and decrepit buildings to make your city shine!

Jane’s Realty 2 game screenshot
Captain Space Bunny game

Captain Space Bunny

Help Captain Space Bunny find Corrotin Beta, the planet where all bunnies came from.

Captain Space Bunny game screenshot
Fashion Boutique game

Fashion Boutique

Maya is off to live her dream and make her name in the world of fashion!

Fashion Boutique game screenshot
Architect: Episode 1 game

Architect: Episode 1

How often have you thought about what makes up the unforgettable scenery of a city?

Architect: Episode 1 game screenshot
Ranch Rush 2 Collector’s Edition game

Ranch Rush 2 Collector’s Edition

Sara is back! Design and decorate your ranch and corral exotic animals!

Ranch Rush 2 Collector’s Edition game screenshot