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About bubble games

Using a special «bubble launcher» you fire colored bubbles in an attempt to make matches and clear the playing field of bubbles. You need to link three or more colored bubbles by shooting an identical colored bubble. When they are joined together, they pop. After clearing all the bubbles, you advance to the next level.

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Aqua Bubble game

Aqua Bubble

How do you beat a dancing water-man? Save Aquatic’s cave from the bubbles invasion by blowing bubbles up!

Aqua Bubble game screenshot
Captain BubbleBeard’s Treasure game

Captain BubbleBeard’s Treasure

Ahoy, Matey! Prepare to set sail for a big wild adventure on the high seas!

Captain BubbleBeard’s Treasure game screenshot
Inca Quest game

Inca Quest

Aim, launch, and match Incan color coins through temples of ancient secrets and untold treasure.

Inca Quest game screenshot
Dynomite Deluxe game

Dynomite Deluxe

Use your slingshot to match three or more dino eggs of the same color... and watch them explode!

Dynomite Deluxe game screenshot
Fairy Jewels 2 game

Fairy Jewels 2

An evil wizard has captured innocent fairies in his dark castle, and you must free them!

Fairy Jewels 2 game screenshot
Bubble Town game

Bubble Town

Banish the unsightly lumps from majestic Borb Bay in this cute and cuddly Marble Popper game!

Bubble Town game screenshot
Astro Bugz Revenge game

Astro Bugz Revenge

Get ready to blow up the bugz and save the day in Astro Bugz Revenge!

Astro Bugz Revenge game screenshot
Bubblenauts game


Make dashing combos and unravel clever bubble puzzles as you dive undersea to find fabulous treasure.

Bubblenauts game screenshot