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About strategy games

One of the emerging genres in the casual game industry, strategy games are a a broad grouping which include simulation, role playing and tycoon games. Common themes involve character building, adventure simulations and business scenarios. Casual strategy games are generally less complex than many of their hardcore PC counterparts, but they succeed by utilizing engaging scenarios and characters to satisfy the casual audience.

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Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two game

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

The story of Adelantado continues! Get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists!

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two game screenshot
Trade Mania 2 game

Trade Mania 2

The makers of Trade Mania have released an amazing new sequel to the original economic strategy game!

Trade Mania 2 game screenshot
Royal Settlement 1450 game

Royal Settlement 1450

The kingdom’s treasury is nothing but a gaping hole of emptiness.

Royal Settlement 1450 game screenshot
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf game

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf

Experience the thrills of adventure in Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, a card-based RPG.

Northmark: Hour of the Wolf game screenshot
Big Bang West game

Big Bang West

Gather essential resources to construct buildings, upgrade your town and prosper as you settle new lands.

Big Bang West game screenshot
Green City 2 game

Green City 2

Help your neighboring cities start their own green life by restoring old buildings and cleaning the streets of trash.

Green City 2 game screenshot
Ancient Rome 2 game

Ancient Rome 2

Construct entire residential districts for people and improve their well-being!

Ancient Rome 2 game screenshot
Build-a-Lot: Mysteries game

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries

The Graves family is in the business of real estate and they need you to be their lead developer.

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries game screenshot
The Wall: Medieval Heroes game

The Wall: Medieval Heroes

Defend your village, which is besieged by aggressive, jealous barbarians!

The Wall: Medieval Heroes game screenshot
Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 game

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2

Elizabeth needs help dealing with her eccentric family and you’re just the person for the job!

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 game screenshot