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Interpol 2: Most Wanted game

Interpol 2: Most Wanted

Join the elite International Criminal Police Organization and keep the world safe!

Interpol 2: Most Wanted game screenshot
FishCo game


You and your business partner own an aquarium shop where you must breed and raise freshwater fish to sell.

FishCo game screenshot
Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me game

Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me

Join world-renowned mystery writer Miss Terri Tale as she «polls» her neighbors.

Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me game screenshot
Megaplex Madness: Now Playing game

Megaplex Madness: Now Playing

Hire employees, buy new concessions, and repair damages to attract customers.

Megaplex Madness: Now Playing game screenshot
Farm Mania game

Farm Mania

Gramps needs some help on the farm this summer, and Anna has agreed to come help him out.

Farm Mania game screenshot
Operation Mania game

Operation Mania

You’re in charge of everything, from admitting patients to diagnosing and performing surgeries!

Operation Mania game screenshot
Redrum game


You must help Rose to use her psychic powers and ghostly visions to solve a series of grisly murders.

Redrum game screenshot
Amazing Finds game

Amazing Finds

Pack your clue-filled journal and lucky coin, and then travel the globe exploring the world’s greatest flea-markets.

Amazing Finds game screenshot
Pakoombo game


Help a friendly family save their island home in Pakoombo, a unique puzzle game that’s full of tropical fun!

Pakoombo game screenshot
Gourmania game


Do you have the skills to win a cook off among the top chefs at a glamorous resort?

Gourmania game screenshot