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About time management games

In the games of this genre you’ll be offered to create the chain of restaurants, to run a shop or a diner. The task is to serve the customers and have as many of them satisfied as possible. Usually there is a day’s goal which you have to meet in a given period of time. Serve hundreds of hilarious, polite and extremely fault-finding customers and learn to manage your time wisely.

Download time management games

Green City game

Green City: Construct the world’s most eco-friendly city in Green City, an exciting time management game!

Read Green City game reviewRead more | Download Green City game demoDownload | Buy Green City game onlineOrder now

Green City game screenshot
Rescue Team 3 game

Rescue Team 3: Save the day as the leader of the Rescue Team, a group of life-saving pros.

Read Rescue Team 3 game reviewRead more | Download Rescue Team 3 game demoDownload | Buy Rescue Team 3 game onlineOrder now

Rescue Team 3 game screenshot
Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess game

Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess: Can you find all of the magical artifacts and bring the princess back to life?

Read Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess game reviewRead more | Download Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess game demoDownload | Buy Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess game onlineOrder now

Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess game screenshot
Pet Store Panic game

Pet Store Panic: Help Polly build a nationwide success story from a failing pet store chain.

Read Pet Store Panic game reviewRead more | Download Pet Store Panic game demoDownload | Buy Pet Store Panic game onlineOrder now

Pet Store Panic game screenshot
Outta This Kingdom game

Outta This Kingdom: Complete an epic journey across many stunning environments, rebuilding a kingdom.

Read Outta This Kingdom game reviewRead more | Download Outta This Kingdom game demoDownload | Buy Outta This Kingdom game onlineOrder now

Outta This Kingdom game screenshot
Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches game

Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches: Join Jill in her new company Gardens Inc. and save the entire city!

Read Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches game reviewRead more | Download Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches game demoDownload | Buy Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches game onlineOrder now

Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches game screenshot
Ballad of Solar game

Ballad of Solar: In a land of enchantment, torn by evil, a hero arrives to save the day in this exciting adventure!

Read Ballad of Solar game reviewRead more | Download Ballad of Solar game demoDownload | Buy Ballad of Solar game onlineOrder now

Ballad of Solar game screenshot
Viking Brothers game

Viking Brothers: By the horns of your helmet, this is a Viking adventure you’ll never forget!

Read Viking Brothers game reviewRead more | Download Viking Brothers game demoDownload | Buy Viking Brothers game onlineOrder now

Viking Brothers game screenshot
Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost game

Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost: Expand Daisy’s business and create the ultimate chain of fitness centers.

Read Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost game reviewRead more | Download Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost game demoDownload | Buy Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost game onlineOrder now

Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost game screenshot
TV Farm 2 game

TV Farm 2: TV Farm 2 not only takes you into the world of reality television, but allows you to control it too!

Read TV Farm 2 game reviewRead more | Download TV Farm 2 game demoDownload | Buy TV Farm 2 game onlineOrder now

TV Farm 2 game screenshot
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