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About time management games

In the games of this genre you’ll be offered to create the chain of restaurants, to run a shop or a diner. The task is to serve the customers and have as many of them satisfied as possible. Usually there is a day’s goal which you have to meet in a given period of time. Serve hundreds of hilarious, polite and extremely fault-finding customers and learn to manage your time wisely.

Download time management games

Supermarket Mania 2 game

Supermarket Mania 2: After the smashing success of her first store, Nikki’s Uncle Ross wants her to open up a new supermarket!

Read Supermarket Mania 2 game reviewRead more | Download Supermarket Mania 2 game demoDownload | Buy Supermarket Mania 2 game onlineOrder now

Supermarket Mania 2 game screenshot
Summer Resort Mogul game

Summer Resort Mogul: Summer Resort Mogul places the power to create a world-class getaway in your hands!

Read Summer Resort Mogul game reviewRead more | Download Summer Resort Mogul game demoDownload | Buy Summer Resort Mogul game onlineOrder now

Summer Resort Mogul game screenshot
Cake Mania: To the Max game

Cake Mania: To the Max: Flashback to the neon-soaked 80s and help Jill prepare for the biggest night of her young life!

Read Cake Mania: To the Max game reviewRead more | Download Cake Mania: To the Max game demoDownload | Buy Cake Mania: To the Max game onlineOrder now

Cake Mania: To the Max game screenshot
Fisher’s Family Farm game

Fisher’s Family Farm: Farm fish from all around the world, and help keep Fisher’s Family Farm afloat.

Read Fisher’s Family Farm game reviewRead more | Download Fisher’s Family Farm game demoDownload | Buy Fisher’s Family Farm game onlineOrder now

Fisher’s Family Farm game screenshot
Soap Opera Dash game

Soap Opera Dash: Get ready for fame, love triangles, and drama in Soap Opera Dash,an exciting time management game.

Read Soap Opera Dash game reviewRead more | Download Soap Opera Dash game demoDownload | Buy Soap Opera Dash game onlineOrder now

Soap Opera Dash game screenshot
Club Paradise game

Club Paradise: Help young Summer start her new job, and work her way to the top of Club Paradise!

Read Club Paradise game reviewRead more | Download Club Paradise game demoDownload | Buy Club Paradise game onlineOrder now

Club Paradise game screenshot
Roads of Rome II game

Roads of Rome II: Take on tricky tasks and overcome dangerous challenges in Roads of Rome II!

Read Roads of Rome II game reviewRead more | Download Roads of Rome II game demoDownload | Buy Roads of Rome II game onlineOrder now

Roads of Rome II game screenshot
Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit game

Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit: Decorate and upgrade three Christmas cafés, prepare a variety of yuletide favorites and more!

Read Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit game reviewRead more | Download Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit game demoDownload | Buy Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit game onlineOrder now

Amelie’s Cafe: Holiday Spirit game screenshot
Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips game

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips: Return to the skies and visit incredible destinations in this amazing game!

Read Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips game reviewRead more | Download Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips game demoDownload | Buy Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips game onlineOrder now

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips game screenshot
Fairy Maids game

Fairy Maids: Welcome to The Glade’s one and only fairy cleaning service — Fairy Maids!

Read Fairy Maids game reviewRead more | Download Fairy Maids game demoDownload | Buy Fairy Maids game onlineOrder now

Fairy Maids game screenshot
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