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About time management games

In the games of this genre you’ll be offered to create the chain of restaurants, to run a shop or a diner. The task is to serve the customers and have as many of them satisfied as possible. Usually there is a day’s goal which you have to meet in a given period of time. Serve hundreds of hilarious, polite and extremely fault-finding customers and learn to manage your time wisely.

Download time management games

Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios game

Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios: Flo’s friend Gilda needs help feeding the cast and crew of her TV show.

Read Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios game reviewRead more | Download Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios game demoDownload | Buy Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios game onlineOrder now

Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios game screenshot
World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder game

World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder: You are the God who will rule this new and interesting World of Zellians.

Read World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder game reviewRead more | Download World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder game demoDownload | Buy World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder game onlineOrder now

World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder game screenshot
Coconut Queen game

Coconut Queen: You’re the Coconut Queen, tasked with saving a tropical paradise from ugly corporate buildings!

Read Coconut Queen game reviewRead more | Download Coconut Queen game demoDownload | Buy Coconut Queen game onlineOrder now

Coconut Queen game screenshot
Horatio’s Travels game

Horatio’s Travels: Follow Horatio on his adventure as he takes tasty treats to some of the wackiest customers on earth!

Read Horatio’s Travels game reviewRead more | Download Horatio’s Travels game demoDownload | Buy Horatio’s Travels game onlineOrder now

Horatio’s Travels game screenshot
Posh Boutique game

Posh Boutique: Join Alicia as she receives the coolest birthday gift ever — the chance to take over a chain of posh boutiques!

Read Posh Boutique game reviewRead more | Download Posh Boutique game demoDownload | Buy Posh Boutique game onlineOrder now

Posh Boutique game screenshot
Be Richer! game

Be Richer!: Build your company from the ground up, as you build houses, mansions, stadiums and even whole neighborhoods!

Read Be Richer! game reviewRead more | Download Be Richer! game demoDownload | Buy Be Richer! game onlineOrder now

Be Richer! game screenshot
Fashion Fortune game

Fashion Fortune: Sell fantastic clothes, find perfect outfits for your clients, and earn your very own Fashion Fortune!

Read Fashion Fortune game reviewRead more | Download Fashion Fortune game demoDownload | Buy Fashion Fortune game onlineOrder now

Fashion Fortune game screenshot
Farm Frenzy 3 game

Farm Frenzy 3: Manage five different farms around the world and try your hand at penguin breeding and jewelry making!

Read Farm Frenzy 3 game reviewRead more | Download Farm Frenzy 3 game demoDownload | Buy Farm Frenzy 3 game onlineOrder now

Farm Frenzy 3 game screenshot
The Legend of Sanna game

The Legend of Sanna: Bring your people to a brand new age as you oversee the Rise of a Great Colony.

Read The Legend of Sanna game reviewRead more | Download The Legend of Sanna game demoDownload | Buy The Legend of Sanna game onlineOrder now

The Legend of Sanna game screenshot
Nanny 911 game

Nanny 911: When the kids are out of control and the parents don’t know what to do, call Nanny 911 for help!

Read Nanny 911 game reviewRead more | Download Nanny 911 game demoDownload | Buy Nanny 911 game onlineOrder now

Nanny 911 game screenshot
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