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About time management games

In the games of this genre you’ll be offered to create the chain of restaurants, to run a shop or a diner. The task is to serve the customers and have as many of them satisfied as possible. Usually there is a day’s goal which you have to meet in a given period of time. Serve hundreds of hilarious, polite and extremely fault-finding customers and learn to manage your time wisely.

Download time management games

Orchard game

Orchard: It’s time to head out to the country and get your hands dirty, making juices, pies, jellies, and more!

Read Orchard game reviewRead more | Download Orchard game demoDownload | Buy Orchard game onlineOrder now

Orchard game screenshot
Amelie’s Cafe game

Amelie’s Cafe: Turn Amelie’s Cafe into the hippest hangout in town as you feed the famished masses!

Read Amelie’s Cafe game reviewRead more | Download Amelie’s Cafe game demoDownload | Buy Amelie’s Cafe game onlineOrder now

Amelie’s Cafe game screenshot
Youda Farmer game

Youda Farmer: It’s up to you to keep all the retailers happy with your beautiful and delicious farm products.

Read Youda Farmer game reviewRead more | Download Youda Farmer game demoDownload | Buy Youda Farmer game onlineOrder now

Youda Farmer game screenshot
Leeloo’s Talent Agency game

Leeloo’s Talent Agency: Help a young movie fan use her talent for talent to create Hollywood superstars!

Read Leeloo’s Talent Agency game reviewRead more | Download Leeloo’s Talent Agency game demoDownload | Buy Leeloo’s Talent Agency game onlineOrder now

Leeloo’s Talent Agency game screenshot
Wendy’s Wellness game

Wendy’s Wellness: Develop your own chain of 10 splendid fully-equipped wellness centers and serve the customers.

Read Wendy’s Wellness game reviewRead more | Download Wendy’s Wellness game demoDownload | Buy Wendy’s Wellness game onlineOrder now

Wendy’s Wellness game screenshot
Shop-n-Spree game

Shop-n-Spree: When a shopping super-center lumbers into town, it’s up to you to save the family business!

Read Shop-n-Spree game reviewRead more | Download Shop-n-Spree game demoDownload | Buy Shop-n-Spree game onlineOrder now

Shop-n-Spree game screenshot
Costume Chaos game

Costume Chaos: Manage your time and hire assistants through the busy Halloween, Mardi Gras and Rodeo seasons.

Read Costume Chaos game reviewRead more | Download Costume Chaos game demoDownload | Buy Costume Chaos game onlineOrder now

Costume Chaos game screenshot
Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party! game

Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party!: Pizza lovers unite! It’s time to return to the farm to create your favorite food!

Read Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party! game reviewRead more | Download Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party! game demoDownload | Buy Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party! game onlineOrder now

Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party! game screenshot
Clueless game

Clueless: Help Cher and her friends achieve the title of «fashion goddess» while attracting the perfect boyfriend.

Read Clueless game reviewRead more | Download Clueless game demoDownload | Buy Clueless game onlineOrder now

Clueless game screenshot
Ice Blast game

Ice Blast: In this game you control 3 unique characters that must save the world from impending doom.

Read Ice Blast game reviewRead more | Download Ice Blast game demoDownload | Buy Ice Blast game onlineOrder now

Ice Blast game screenshot
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