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Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar’s Dreams game

Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar’s Dreams

Follow Cleopatra’s incredible story as she travels through the valley of the Nile and meets mythological creatures!

Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar’s Dreams game screenshot
Cave Quest 2 game

Cave Quest 2

Fight back against the underworld on your journey to save your friends!

Cave Quest 2 game screenshot
A Tale for Anna game

A Tale for Anna

Explore enchanted worlds together with Anna, solve addicting puzzles and stop the Queen.

A Tale for Anna game screenshot
10th Corpse game

10th Corpse

Enjoy 100 twisted bejeweled-style levels and solve a murder in Mansion Vinterfragen!

10th Corpse game screenshot
Faraway Planets game

Faraway Planets

Board the shuttle and embark on a space exploration adventure like no other! Join an intrepid explorer on his mission!

Faraway Planets game screenshot
Looking for Aliens game

Looking for Aliens

Can you find traces of aliens on Earth, the moon, and the edges of the galaxy?

Looking for Aliens game screenshot
Daydream Mosaics game

Daydream Mosaics

Solve over 100 logic based nonograms to earn crystals and rebuild 3 tranquil sanctuaries.

Daydream Mosaics game screenshot
Atomicrops game


Farm mutated crops, marry townsfolk, and kill every mutant creature that tries to invade!

Atomicrops game screenshot
DayDream Mosaics 2: Juliette’s Tale game

DayDream Mosaics 2: Juliette’s Tale

Restore balance to the magical worlds by using logic and intuition and discover stunning images.

DayDream Mosaics 2: Juliette’s Tale game screenshot
Strange Horticulture game

Strange Horticulture

Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult.

Strange Horticulture game screenshot