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About collapse games

Horizontal rows of colored bricks emerge from the bottom of the screen. You must click on clusters of three or more identically colored bricks to make them collapse and to ring up points. The larger the clusters, the greater the number of points — but don’t let the rows of bricks reach the top of the screen, or your game will end. You must also beat the clock and the ever-quickening pace of the bricks.

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Mana Crusher game

Mana Crusher: Explore the world of Mana Crusher, recruit new wizards, learn new spells, and compete with rival wizards.

Read Mana Crusher game reviewRead more | Download Mana Crusher game demoDownload | Buy Mana Crusher game onlineOrder now

Mana Crusher game screenshot
Super SpongeBob Collapse! game

Super SpongeBob Collapse!: It’s like watching SpongeBob SquarePants and playing Super Collapse! At the same time!

Read Super SpongeBob Collapse! game reviewRead more | Download Super SpongeBob Collapse! game demoDownload | Buy Super SpongeBob Collapse! game onlineOrder now

Super SpongeBob Collapse! game screenshot
QBeez 2 game

QBeez 2: Those lovable creatures called QBeez are back and they’re ready to bring you much more click-happy fun.

Read QBeez 2 game reviewRead more | Download QBeez 2 game demoDownload | Buy QBeez 2 game onlineOrder now

QBeez 2 game screenshot
Quadrium II game

Quadrium II: This time you’ll have to use all your strategic thinking to show those bosses who’s, well, boss!

Read Quadrium II game reviewRead more | Download Quadrium II game demoDownload | Buy Quadrium II game onlineOrder now

Quadrium II game screenshot
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