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About bejeweled games

The object of the Bejeweled game is to score as many points as possible by swapping adjacent gems to create sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 3 or more identical gems. Swap any two adjacent gems by clicking on one, then the one you want to swap it with. The gems must be adjacent vertically or horizontally (not diagonally).

Download bejeweled games

Laruaville 7 game

Laruaville 7: This time the Ghosts will see what ancient Egypt really looked like first-hand.

Read Laruaville 7 game reviewRead more | Download Laruaville 7 game demoDownload | Buy Laruaville 7 game onlineOrder now

Laruaville 7 game screenshot
Cursed House 7 game

Cursed House 7: Try this haunting new addition to the highly rated match 3 puzzle game series!

Read Cursed House 7 game reviewRead more | Download Cursed House 7 game demoDownload | Buy Cursed House 7 game onlineOrder now

Cursed House 7 game screenshot
Quadrium II game

Quadrium II: This time you’ll have to use all your strategic thinking to show those bosses who’s, well, boss!

Read Quadrium II game reviewRead more | Download Quadrium II game demoDownload | Buy Quadrium II game onlineOrder now

Quadrium II game screenshot
Last Resort Island game

Last Resort Island: Hurry up! An insane survival training full of slapstick fun begins!

Read Last Resort Island game reviewRead more | Download Last Resort Island game demoDownload | Buy Last Resort Island game onlineOrder now

Last Resort Island game screenshot
Jewel Match: Naturescapes game

Jewel Match: Naturescapes: Solve numerous puzzles and additional bonus levels, collect resources, and make the land shine in new splendor!

Read Jewel Match: Naturescapes game reviewRead more | Download Jewel Match: Naturescapes game demoDownload | Buy Jewel Match: Naturescapes game onlineOrder now

Jewel Match: Naturescapes game screenshot
Jewel Match: Twilight 2 game

Jewel Match: Twilight 2: Unveil haunted castles as you traverse the map across the dark land!

Read Jewel Match: Twilight 2 game reviewRead more | Download Jewel Match: Twilight 2 game demoDownload | Buy Jewel Match: Twilight 2 game onlineOrder now

Jewel Match: Twilight 2 game screenshot
DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb game

DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb: A new journey — help to release the dragon sealed in The Frozen Tomb!

Read DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb game reviewRead more | Download DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb game demoDownload | Buy DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb game onlineOrder now

DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb game screenshot
Quadrium 3 game

Quadrium 3: Solve match 3 puzzles and help the dwellers of this tree return to their home.

Read Quadrium 3 game reviewRead more | Download Quadrium 3 game demoDownload | Buy Quadrium 3 game onlineOrder now

Quadrium 3 game screenshot
Mundus: Impossible Universe 2 game

Mundus: Impossible Universe 2: Get ready for an expedition and explore the fantastic kaleidoscope of our universe!

Read Mundus: Impossible Universe 2 game reviewRead more | Download Mundus: Impossible Universe 2 game demoDownload | Buy Mundus: Impossible Universe 2 game onlineOrder now

Mundus: Impossible Universe 2 game screenshot
MatchVentures 2 game

MatchVentures 2: Unravel the secrets of Cliffmont Castle in this enchanted bejeweled-style journey!

Read MatchVentures 2 game reviewRead more | Download MatchVentures 2 game demoDownload | Buy MatchVentures 2 game onlineOrder now

MatchVentures 2 game screenshot
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