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About bejeweled games

The object of the Bejeweled game is to score as many points as possible by swapping adjacent gems to create sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 3 or more identical gems. Swap any two adjacent gems by clicking on one, then the one you want to swap it with. The gems must be adjacent vertically or horizontally (not diagonally).

Download bejeweled games

Magic Heroes: Save Our Park game

Magic Heroes: Save Our Park: Show the local residents just how great their green space can be!

Read Magic Heroes: Save Our Park game reviewRead more | Download Magic Heroes: Save Our Park game demoDownload | Buy Magic Heroes: Save Our Park game onlineOrder now

Magic Heroes: Save Our Park game screenshot
Village Quest game

Village Quest: Medieval match-3 fun—solve puzzles and build your own kingdom by cleverly using resources!

Read Village Quest game reviewRead more | Download Village Quest game demoDownload | Buy Village Quest game onlineOrder now

Village Quest game screenshot
Mystika 2: The Sanctuary game

Mystika 2: The Sanctuary: The village of Lumina is in trouble! Rikou, our magic tree, cannot protect us anymore.

Read Mystika 2: The Sanctuary game reviewRead more | Download Mystika 2: The Sanctuary game demoDownload | Buy Mystika 2: The Sanctuary game onlineOrder now

Mystika 2: The Sanctuary game screenshot
Puzzle Cocktail game

Puzzle Cocktail: Collect ingredients for drinks, make cocktails and earn money serving original visitors.

Read Puzzle Cocktail game reviewRead more | Download Puzzle Cocktail game demoDownload | Buy Puzzle Cocktail game onlineOrder now

Puzzle Cocktail game screenshot
Arcanika game

Arcanika: Travel to a storybook world and help its denizens bring life back to the glade. Their world is in danger.

Read Arcanika game reviewRead more | Download Arcanika game demoDownload | Buy Arcanika game onlineOrder now

Arcanika game screenshot
Camelot Deluxe game

Camelot Deluxe: King Arthur has just begun his reign. He still has a long way before he becomes a legend.

Read Camelot Deluxe game reviewRead more | Download Camelot Deluxe game demoDownload | Buy Camelot Deluxe game onlineOrder now

Camelot Deluxe game screenshot
Jewel Match 4 game

Jewel Match 4: Voyage through a wondrous match-3 adventure as Luna, a recent graduate of the Magic University.

Read Jewel Match 4 game reviewRead more | Download Jewel Match 4 game demoDownload | Buy Jewel Match 4 game onlineOrder now

Jewel Match 4 game screenshot
Rise of Dynasty game

Rise of Dynasty: This match-3 game set in ancient China, taking place at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty.

Read Rise of Dynasty game reviewRead more | Download Rise of Dynasty game demoDownload | Buy Rise of Dynasty game onlineOrder now

Rise of Dynasty game screenshot
Artifacts of Eternity game

Artifacts of Eternity: Most of the hard earned artifacts from your last time travel have gone missing again.

Read Artifacts of Eternity game reviewRead more | Download Artifacts of Eternity game demoDownload | Buy Artifacts of Eternity game onlineOrder now

Artifacts of Eternity game screenshot
Floria game

Floria: Floria was a beautiful and prosperous land. Until one day, an evil sorcerer stole its magic power...

Read Floria game reviewRead more | Download Floria game demoDownload | Buy Floria game onlineOrder now

Floria game screenshot
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