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About bejeweled games

The object of the Bejeweled game is to score as many points as possible by swapping adjacent gems to create sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 3 or more identical gems. Swap any two adjacent gems by clicking on one, then the one you want to swap it with. The gems must be adjacent vertically or horizontally (not diagonally).

Download bejeweled games

Ballville: The Beginning game

Ballville: The Beginning: The spaceship of travelling orbees crashed down on an unknown, uncharted planet.

Read Ballville: The Beginning game reviewRead more | Download Ballville: The Beginning game demoDownload | Buy Ballville: The Beginning game onlineOrder now

Ballville: The Beginning game screenshot
Jewel Match 3 game

Jewel Match 3: Journey through the mesmerizing world of Nevernear in this exciting match 3 adventure!

Read Jewel Match 3 game reviewRead more | Download Jewel Match 3 game demoDownload | Buy Jewel Match 3 game onlineOrder now

Jewel Match 3 game screenshot
Christmas Puzzle game

Christmas Puzzle: Collect Santa’s coins and prepare your house for Christmas with beautiful ornaments and illuminations!

Read Christmas Puzzle game reviewRead more | Download Christmas Puzzle game demoDownload | Buy Christmas Puzzle game onlineOrder now

Christmas Puzzle game screenshot
Tropical Fish Shop 2 game

Tropical Fish Shop 2: Help Annabel and Harold organize their pet shop by diving and collecting colorful sea creatures.

Read Tropical Fish Shop 2 game reviewRead more | Download Tropical Fish Shop 2 game demoDownload | Buy Tropical Fish Shop 2 game onlineOrder now

Tropical Fish Shop 2 game screenshot
Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands game

Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands: Discover the portal’s secret and find your way home!

Read Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands game reviewRead more | Download Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands game demoDownload | Buy Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands game onlineOrder now

Dreamsdwell Stories 2: Undiscovered Islands game screenshot
Birds Town game

Birds Town: Build up Birds Town using incredible powerups, gorgeous gems, and more in this fun game!

Read Birds Town game reviewRead more | Download Birds Town game demoDownload | Buy Birds Town game onlineOrder now

Birds Town game screenshot
Chainz Galaxy game

Chainz Galaxy: Twist and turn your chains to make colorful matches of three or more to eliminate them from the board!

Read Chainz Galaxy game reviewRead more | Download Chainz Galaxy game demoDownload | Buy Chainz Galaxy game onlineOrder now

Chainz Galaxy game screenshot
Jewel Keepers: Easter Island game

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island: One day Professor H receives a strange letter from the capital city of Hanga Roa.

Read Jewel Keepers: Easter Island game reviewRead more | Download Jewel Keepers: Easter Island game demoDownload | Buy Jewel Keepers: Easter Island game onlineOrder now

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island game screenshot
Farmscapes game

Farmscapes: Earn money by selling fresh veggies, juicy fruits, eggs, flowers and honey from Joe’s old farm!

Read Farmscapes game reviewRead more | Download Farmscapes game demoDownload | Buy Farmscapes game onlineOrder now

Farmscapes game screenshot
Cave Quest game

Cave Quest: The evil spirits that haunt the narrow trails of a mountain have captured your family!

Read Cave Quest game reviewRead more | Download Cave Quest game demoDownload | Buy Cave Quest game onlineOrder now

Cave Quest game screenshot
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