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About solitaire games

Solitaire (or patience) is a genre of card games that can be played by a single player. The purpose of solitaire generally involves manipulating a layout of cards with a goal of sorting them in some manner. There is a vast array of solitaire games, using either one or more decks of cards, with rules of varying complexity and skill levels.

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Luxor Solitaire game

Luxor Solitaire: The Gods have summoned you to the banks of the Nile. Help to build the great city of Luxor!

Read Luxor Solitaire game reviewRead more | Download Luxor Solitaire game demoDownload | Buy Luxor Solitaire game onlineOrder now

Luxor Solitaire game screenshot
Dreamland Solitaire game

Dreamland Solitaire: Escape to a world of wonder as you enjoy a magical twist on classic Solitaire!

Read Dreamland Solitaire game reviewRead more | Download Dreamland Solitaire game demoDownload | Buy Dreamland Solitaire game onlineOrder now

Dreamland Solitaire game screenshot
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