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Chess is a board game and mental sport for 2 players. Chess is not a game of chance; it is based solely on tactics and strategy. Nevertheless, the game is so complex that not even the best players can consider all contingencies: although only 64 squares and 32 pieces are on the board, the number of possible games that can be played far exceeds the number of atoms in the universe. Chess is one of the world’s most popular games; it has been described not only as a game, but also as an art, science, and sport.

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War Chess game

War Chess

Lead your army to victory in this beautifully rendered 3D fantasy chess battle!

War Chess game screenshot
Grandmaster Chess Tournament game

Grandmaster Chess Tournament

This chess tournament was made with old pros, intermediate players and novices in mind.

Grandmaster Chess Tournament game screenshot
Brain Games: Chess game

Brain Games: Chess

Play one of the most complex games of history in the comfort of your own home.

Brain Games: Chess game screenshot
Battle vs. Chess game

Battle vs. Chess

Commanders, assemble your armies! Animated fantasy figurines assemble in magical worlds and await your command!

Battle vs. Chess game screenshot
Encore Classic Puzzle & Board Games game

Encore Classic Puzzle & Board Games

Throw the dice, shuffle the cards and put your strategy to the test with this game!

Encore Classic Puzzle & Board Games game screenshot