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About solitaire games

Solitaire (or patience) is a genre of card games that can be played by a single player. The purpose of solitaire generally involves manipulating a layout of cards with a goal of sorting them in some manner. There is a vast array of solitaire games, using either one or more decks of cards, with rules of varying complexity and skill levels.

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Tri-Peaks Solitaire game

Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Adventure, danger, and cards lie hidden in lost tombs around the globe.

Tri-Peaks Solitaire game screenshot
Solitaire Pop game

Solitaire Pop

Explore archaeological sites and discover lost rarities in this adventurous twist on classic solitaire.

Solitaire Pop game screenshot
Koi Solitaire game

Koi Solitaire

Help to re-create the most beautiful Japanese gardens in this lovely solitaire!

Koi Solitaire game screenshot
World Class Solitaire game

World Class Solitaire

Let the soothing music and classic theme of World Class Solitaire sweep you away to another world!

World Class Solitaire game screenshot
Jewel Quest Solitaire II game

Jewel Quest Solitaire II

Rupert and Emma travel back to Africa to the ultimate card swapping, jewel matching adventure!

Jewel Quest Solitaire II game screenshot
Fairway Solitaire game

Fairway Solitaire

Pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) and enjoy a round of Fairway Solitaire!

Fairway Solitaire game screenshot
BVS Solitaire Collection game

BVS Solitaire Collection

An ultimate collection of 415 multi-featured, very different solitaire card games to play.

BVS Solitaire Collection game screenshot
Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring game

Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring

Join Tex and Ally Carter as they travel the world in their quest for the ruby ring.

Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring game screenshot
Heartwild Solitaire game

Heartwild Solitaire

Travel in a beautiful land, where a heartbroken woman picks up the pieces of her shattered life.

Heartwild Solitaire game screenshot
Jewel Quest Solitaire III game

Jewel Quest Solitaire III

Rupert and Ratu has discovered a valuable tablet in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Jewel Quest Solitaire III game screenshot