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Relics: Dark Hours game

Relics: Dark Hours: The terrifying curse has already taken Matthew’s family and he’s next...

Read Relics: Dark Hours game reviewRead more | Download Relics: Dark Hours game demoDownload | Buy Relics: Dark Hours game onlineOrder now

Relics: Dark Hours game screenshot
Super Granny 5 game

Super Granny 5: Take an all-new backyard adventure with Super Granny 5, and experience the fun of the fantastic series.

Read Super Granny 5 game reviewRead more | Download Super Granny 5 game demoDownload | Buy Super Granny 5 game onlineOrder now

Super Granny 5 game screenshot
Cardboard Castle game

Cardboard Castle: Become a fearless knight in Cardboard Castle, an incredible game with a unique cardboard art style!

Read Cardboard Castle game reviewRead more | Download Cardboard Castle game demoDownload | Buy Cardboard Castle game onlineOrder now

Cardboard Castle game screenshot
Iron Roses game

Iron Roses: Alex’s true love in life has always been music, particularly the music of her former band, Iron Roses!

Read Iron Roses game reviewRead more | Download Iron Roses game demoDownload | Buy Iron Roses game onlineOrder now

Iron Roses game screenshot
Braid game

Braid: Travel through a series of worlds searching for puzzle pieces, then solving puzzles by manipulating time!

Read Braid game reviewRead more | Download Braid game demoDownload | Buy Braid game onlineOrder now

Braid game screenshot
The Island: Castaway 2 game

The Island: Castaway 2: Discover the secrets that surround an uncharted isle as you travel back in time!

Read The Island: Castaway 2 game reviewRead more | Download The Island: Castaway 2 game demoDownload | Buy The Island: Castaway 2 game onlineOrder now

The Island: Castaway 2 game screenshot
Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds game

Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds: Control a tiny ball of grey Goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself!

Read Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds game reviewRead more | Download Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds game demoDownload | Buy Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds game onlineOrder now

Tasty Planet — Back for Seconds game screenshot
Orczz game

Orczz: Protect the Kingdom of Whiteleaf from an invading Orc Horde in Orczz!

Read Orczz game reviewRead more | Download Orczz game demoDownload | Buy Orczz game onlineOrder now

Orczz game screenshot
The Cross Formula game

The Cross Formula: Rediscover your identity and prove your innocence in The Cross Formula, an incredible game!

Read The Cross Formula game reviewRead more | Download The Cross Formula game demoDownload | Buy The Cross Formula game onlineOrder now

The Cross Formula game screenshot
City of Secrets game

City of Secrets: After he falls down a hole in your basement, you must Save Rex from a City of Secrets!

Read City of Secrets game reviewRead more | Download City of Secrets game demoDownload | Buy City of Secrets game onlineOrder now

City of Secrets game screenshot
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Arcade games


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11 Apr 2019Briquid (simulation)

29 Mar 2019Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s Speaking with the Dead (hidden object)

18 Mar 2019DragonScales 5: The Frozen Tomb (bejeweled)

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02 Mar 2019Mystery of the Ancients: No Escape (hidden object)