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The original “Lode Runner” game’s objective, on the surface, seems very simple: the player controls a game’s character, collecting all the gold in the level, and avoiding enemies trying to end your player’s treasure-hunting days.

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Fatman Adventures game

Fatman Adventures

Join PC gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure.

Fatman Adventures game screenshot
Granny in Paradise game

Granny in Paradise

Granny and her kitties have earned a vacation, so it’s off to paradise for a relaxing break!

Granny in Paradise game screenshot
Gold Sprinter game

Gold Sprinter

Help Sprinter to collect all the gold bars and diamonds on each level to advance to the next stage.

Gold Sprinter game screenshot
Super Granny 4 game

Super Granny 4

Join Kamila, Margaret and everyone’s favorite geriatric superhero, Super Granny!

Super Granny 4 game screenshot
Super Granny 6 game

Super Granny 6

Help Super Granny rescue her feline friends from an amazing lost world in Super Granny 6!

Super Granny 6 game screenshot
Super Granny 5 game

Super Granny 5

Take an all-new backyard adventure with Super Granny 5, and experience the fun of the fantastic series.

Super Granny 5 game screenshot