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About arkanoid games

Arkanoid-Breakout is a ball-and-paddle game in which a players’ objective is to build up the highest possible point score by hitting balls toward a wall of bricks. The paddle moves left and right at the bottom of the screen and a ball is deflected to hit bricks. Some bricks contain special powers to enhance play. The next level achieved by removing all the bricks.

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Nuclear Ball 2 game

Nuclear Ball 2: Smashing cocktail consisting of fancy 3D graphics, explosive arcade gameplay and more!

Read Nuclear Ball 2 game reviewRead more | Download Nuclear Ball 2 game demoDownload | Buy Nuclear Ball 2 game onlineOrder now

Nuclear Ball 2 game screenshot
Bonampak game

Bonampak: Three thousand years ago, wizards commanded by the evil Deimos attacked the elf capitol.

Read Bonampak game reviewRead more | Download Bonampak game demoDownload | Buy Bonampak game onlineOrder now

Bonampak game screenshot
Aztec Bricks game

Aztec Bricks: Break bricks in this ancient time as you try to pass more than 100 levels.

Read Aztec Bricks game reviewRead more | Download Aztec Bricks game demoDownload | Buy Aztec Bricks game onlineOrder now

Aztec Bricks game screenshot
Chak's Temple game

Chak's Temple: In this game you will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of mystery and fantastic adventures.

Read Chak's Temple game reviewRead more | Download Chak's Temple game demoDownload | Buy Chak's Temple game onlineOrder now

Chak's Temple game screenshot
Strike Ball 2 game

Strike Ball 2: Bigger and better than the original, Strike Ball 2 is here with new features that will knock your socks off!

Read Strike Ball 2 game reviewRead more | Download Strike Ball 2 game demoDownload | Buy Strike Ball 2 game onlineOrder now

Strike Ball 2 game screenshot
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