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About adventure games

Adventure games take players on a journey in which they visit strange lands, find keys to unlock mysterious doors, and often they must gather inventory such as keys and sometimes weapons to solve puzzles. The combination of certain inventory items and clues received along the journey are the keys to moving on to hidden areas to discover more mysteries. An overall story, sometimes of epic proportions, or comedic intent is the drive of each small task.

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Salawander game


Sala the salamander is on a quest to find the delicious bubble cake!

Salawander game screenshot
Candy Maze game

Candy Maze

Help Einstein the Chameleon escape from the pet shop on this sweet puzzle adventure!

Candy Maze game screenshot
Gnumz: Masters of Defense game

Gnumz: Masters of Defense

Build the ideal chain of traps using magic and the powers of the elements!

Gnumz: Masters of Defense game screenshot
Last Day of June game

Last Day of June

An adventure about love and loss, beautifully depicted and offering an intense cinematic experience.

Last Day of June game screenshot
Pan-Pan game


Use a mind blowing mix of tools, gadgets and devices to solve puzzles and uncover the path to your home.

Pan-Pan game screenshot
Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy game

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Solve the most personal Nancy Drew mystery ever — reveal the truth behind Nancys’s mother death!

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy game screenshot
Iconoclasts game


Explore a big world filled with intricate puzzles, interesting characters and menacing bosses!

Iconoclasts game screenshot
Adera game


Jane Sinclaire faces her greatest challenge in the mysterious city of Adera.

Adera game screenshot
Drop Hunt game

Drop Hunt

Be prepared for next impossible challenge in the adventure of “Drop Hunt”.

Drop Hunt game screenshot
Shapeshooter game


Crawl with your tank through huge psychedelic stages blasting through hundreds of aliens!

Shapeshooter game screenshot