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Collapse Games overview

Horizontal rows of colored bricks emerge from the bottom of the screen. You must click on clusters of three or more identically colored bricks to make them collapse and to ring up points. The larger the clusters, the greater the number of points — but don’t let the rows of bricks reach the top of the screen, or your game will end. You must also beat the clock and the ever-quickening pace of the bricks.

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Sparkle (collapse game)

Use your puzzle skills to free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness!

Play free online game|Download full game

Inca Ball (collapse game)

Use your fast reflexes and puzzle skills to unlock ancient treasures.

Play free online game|Download full game

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery (collapse game)

The original game of blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain!

Play free online game|Download full game

Pop-a-Tronic (collapse game)

As bubbles fill the screen you’ll have to pop them out of your way.

Play free online game|Download full game

Glyph (collapse game)

Harness the powers of the elements and restore a dying land in this epic puzzler.

Play free online game|Download full game
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