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About online simulation games

A simulation game is a mixture of a game of skill, a game of chance and a game of strategy, which results in a simulation of a complex structure (like a stock exchange, or civilization flux). Some simulation games are intended to simulate the real world, others are intended to simulate a fictional world; still others are designed to be able to do both.

Free online simulation games
Cake Mania online game

Cake Mania

Hope you’ve brought your appetite, because you won’t be able to stop baking once you get started.

Fish Tycoon online game

Fish Tycoon

Is a fish breeding sim where you breed and care for exotic fish in a true real-time aquarium.

Virtual Villagers online game

Virtual Villagers

You need to care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival.

Plantasia online game


Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom!

Shopmania online game


Welcome to your first day of work at the world’s largest department megastore — $pendmoore.

Virtual Villagers — The Lost Children online game

Virtual Villagers — The Lost Children

Explore the western shore of Isola! All new technologies, puzzles and Island Events!

Nanny Mania online game

Nanny Mania

Think you can manage a household? Think being a stay at home mom is easy? Well let’s give it a try!

Chicken Chase online game

Chicken Chase

Feeling clucky? Your grandparents are asking for your help to save their chicken farm.

Burger Island online game

Burger Island

Help Patty turn around a run-down burger stand located on deserted Mount Tikikola Beach.

Daycare Nightmare online game

Daycare Nightmare

Cute little baby monsters need your loving care or their moms will make you dinner!


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