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About online hidden object games

The games of this genre make you feel yourself a real detective, searching for disguised evidences. The styles may vary greatly: underwater adventures, criminal investigations and even the wedding planning. The idea of such games is to search for various objects which are scattered all over the place. The games are extremely addictive. Once you started you won’t give up until the last item is found.

Free online hidden object games
Hostile Makeover online game

Hostile Makeover

Investigate a fashion murder mystery, based on the Crime of Fashion Mystery novel by Ellen Byerrum.

Legends of the Wild West — Golden Hill online game

Legends of the Wild West — Golden Hill

It’s the 19th century and Luka has gone off to fulfill his dreams in America.

The Tudors online game

The Tudors

Political intrigue spans national borders in The Tudors, a historical hidden object game.

Romance of Rome online game

Romance of Rome

This exciting hidden object adventure gives you another chance to visit the legendary Roman Empire.

Gardenscapes online game


Hunt for and sell unique items in your late uncle’s mansion, then use the proceeds to restore his garden!

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart online game

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart

It’s time to challenge your all-seeing eyes once again!

Azada: Ancient Magic online game

Azada: Ancient Magic

Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls you to disarm the magical menace.

Elementals: The Magic Key online game

Elementals: The Magic Key

Help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his kidnapped sister!

Shutter Island online game

Shutter Island

Uncover the dark secrets of Shutter Island, the eerie hidden object thriller!

The Magician’s Handbook II: BlackLore online game

The Magician’s Handbook II: BlackLore

Return to a world of magic and use the Magician’s Handbook as your guide!


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