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Galaga is a sequel to Galaxian and has similar gameplay. The player controls a spaceship and shoots at swarms of incoming aliens which fly in formation above him and occasionally swoop down to bomb him in a kamikaze-like dive. The enemies in the top row will sometimes dive with one or two escorts. Enemies which survive a dive will rejoin the formation. When all enemies are destroyed, the player moves on to the next level.

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Star Defender 2 game

Star Defender 2

In this fabulous space shooter you get a chance to destroy the armies of the Invaders and save the Galaxy!

Star Defender 2 game screenshot
Alien Stars game

Alien Stars

Millions of shining stars on a deep dark sky and a space ship flying so fast!

Alien Stars game screenshot
Crusaders Of Space 2 game

Crusaders Of Space 2

You’re a space jockey on a mission to eliminate alien foes across the galaxy.

Crusaders Of Space 2 game screenshot
Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion game

Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion

Smash the waves of extraterrestrial invasion and restore peace in the Galaxy!

Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion game screenshot
Star Defender game

Star Defender

Vertical scrolling space shooter. Advanced clone of Space Invaders. You are a test pilot flying the Tornado.

Star Defender game screenshot
Bugatron Worlds game

Bugatron Worlds

The sequel to the legendary Bugatron is finally here! So what are you waiting for? Go pop some bugs!

Bugatron Worlds game screenshot
Astrobatics game


Burst through missions in this excitingly intense action game of fierce space war.

Astrobatics game screenshot
Astro Fury game

Astro Fury

Turn the calm expanse of space into an explosive battleground as you repel an alien army bent on your destruction.

Astro Fury game screenshot
Star Defender 3 game

Star Defender 3

This action-packed game will change the way you think about space shooters forever!

Star Defender 3 game screenshot
Astro Avenger game

Astro Avenger

Looking for a space shooter that will surprise you? Fighting takes place in five distinct and expansive galaxies!

Astro Avenger game screenshot