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Game details

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3

Genre: arcade / platform

Download Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 gameDownload game (28.05 MB)  Buy Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game onlineOrder full version ($19.95)

Game review

Snowy the Bear has been on many adventures throughout time and space, but none have matched the challenges and thrills of Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3!

This time, sick and tired of restaurant rush, Snowy is on the way through 85 levels at the castle that hides treasures, ghosts and enemies... Travel with our hero back to an age of dragons and swords, when valiant knights would risk their lives for glory and riches untold. Help Snowy plunder an enchanted castle as he avoids all-new enemies bent on tossing him into the moat! Use clever new devices to solve ingenious puzzles! Gather more gold than ever before!

In addition to the brilliant backdrops and dazzling animation for which the Treasure Hunter series has been praised, Treasure Hunter 3 will add comic strip cut scenes between levels to tell an amusing story. Additional features include specially designed levels for kids, easy controls and catchy music. So grab your pick axe and satchel and get ready for Snowy’s most exciting quest yet!

Game screenshots

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game screenshot Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game screenshot Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game screenshot Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 game screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Processor 600 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM


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