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Sparkle game

Sparkle: Use your puzzle skills to free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness in this exciting action-puzzler.

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Sparkle game screenshot
Elven Mists game

Elven Mists: Thick magical fog has its grip on the Elvenland. The land lies in slumber. Can you save the elves?

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Elven Mists game screenshot
Abra Academy game

Abra Academy: Guide Wanda on her journey through magic academia as she pursues her dream in this bewitching game!

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Abra Academy game screenshot
Hide & Secret game

Hide & Secret: Join an adventurous duo on their quest to recover the treasures of the ages from a dastardly villain.

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Hide & Secret game screenshot
The Rise of Atlantis game

The Rise of Atlantis: Collect the seven powers of Poseidon and raise ancient Atlantis back to the surface.

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The Rise of Atlantis game screenshot
Cathy’s Caribbean Club game

Cathy’s Caribbean Club: Enjoy the Caribbean while you turn a small business into a huge success.

Read Cathy’s Caribbean Club game reviewRead more | Download Cathy’s Caribbean Club game demoDownload | Buy Cathy’s Caribbean Club game onlineOrder now

Cathy’s Caribbean Club game screenshot
Bookworm Deluxe game

Bookworm Deluxe: Build words to feed Lex in this classic vocabulary challenge that really knows how to spell f-u-n!

Read Bookworm Deluxe game reviewRead more | Download Bookworm Deluxe game demoDownload | Buy Bookworm Deluxe game onlineOrder now

Bookworm Deluxe game screenshot
Inca Ball game

Inca Ball: A marvelous puzzle adventure where you need quick wits and fast reactions to obtain ancient treasures.

Read Inca Ball game reviewRead more | Download Inca Ball game demoDownload | Buy Inca Ball game onlineOrder now

Inca Ball game screenshot
Amazonia game

Amazonia: Match hexagonal shapes to unlock the treasures of the mysterious world of Amazonia.

Read Amazonia game reviewRead more | Download Amazonia game demoDownload | Buy Amazonia game onlineOrder now

Amazonia game screenshot
Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile game

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile: Help Hercule Poirot and his companion Hastings to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

Read Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile game reviewRead more | Download Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile game demoDownload | Buy Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile game onlineOrder now

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile game screenshot
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Puzzle games


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