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Game details

Hidden Expedition: Everest game

Hidden Expedition: Everest

Genre: puzzle / hidden object

Download Hidden Expedition: Everest gameDownload game (72.72 MB)  Buy Hidden Expedition: Everest game onlineOrder full version ($9.99)

Game review

Hidden Expedition: Everest is a hidden object game, allowing you to travel to the picturesque places near the mountain Everest. You compete with 3 other teams and have to do your best to come first in every expedition. The progress bar shows how the other teams are doing and who is running first, second, and etc. Each time you finish the zone in the first place you unlock an extra adventure. Plus you may find new photos and movies about different cities in the Photo Album. Quite interesting stuff!

The objective is to find all the objects hidden in different locations. Some of them literally lie on the surface; others are so small that you need to sit closer to the screen to look more carefully.

Naturally, you may use hints, which are limited of course. But luckily you can increase the number of hints by collecting 5 hidden gems in each scene. In many suchlike games the hint shows the object which the first on the list and that is not very convenient. What is worth noting about the hints in Hidden Expedition: Everest is that you can choose the object to which the hint should be applied. Additional time can also be acquired by finding an hourglass. However, there is one strange thing — you can not see how much time is left till the end of the level, as there is no time bar.

Download Hidden Expedition: Everest and prove you’re the best hunter for hidden objects, no matter how severe the conditions are! It get kind of freezing on the top of the mountain!

Game screenshots

Hidden Expedition: Everest game screenshot Hidden Expedition: Everest game screenshot Hidden Expedition: Everest game screenshot Hidden Expedition: Everest game screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • DirectX 6.0


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