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Worms 2 game

Worms 2

Genre: action / worms
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Worms 2 is a turn-based game where up to 6 players can participate in any given match. You command a platoon of Worms who inhabit a randomly generated terrain, it’s time to do or die, put up or shut up.

You must destroy the other Worms with an assortment of devastating weapons. Each turn is limited to a set number of seconds, this time limit allows you to position your Worm in a nearby safe place, collect one of the bonus items sprinkled around, or go and attack a neighboring Worm! The battle continues until only one team of Worms remains!

Each platoon in Worms 2 game is given an assortment of weapons, tools and utilities in which to dispose of the enemy in any way they feel necessary to win each round. Platoon weapons can be reconfigured for each game by the players to create their unique war zones. Playing against other teams will be taken to new levels with Internet matches, challenge other players in the next town, country or continent to see just how hard your team is!

Humiliate your friends, take revenge on your family, annihilate strangers — Worms 2 is frenetic, frenzied fun.


Worms 2 game screenshot Worms 2 game screenshot Worms 2 game screenshot Worms 2 game screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000
  • Processor 133 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • DirectX 5.0