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Game details

Pacific Heroes game

Pacific Heroes

Genre: action / flight

Download Pacific Heroes gameDownload game (10.07 MB)  Buy Pacific Heroes game onlineOrder full version ($6.99)

Game review

WWII: Pacific Heroes is an innovative action game. It fuses popular ’point and shoot’ games with simulation action games. Everything takes place in fascinating scenarios. The player transforms into a pilot stationed with his squadron on one of the American aircraft carriers during the war in the Pacific. Breathtaking adventure during the Japanese-American War awaits him — aircraft carrier battles, defensive action against Japanese invasion, and the storming of islands occupied by the enemy. Some of the 20 missions will be air missions during which one will have to combat enemy fighters, shell enemy positions, or torpedo Japanese warships. The player will have at his disposal either the speedy and dangerous Corsair fighter aircraft or the Dauntless bomber loaded with bombs and torpedoes. During a second type of mission, the player will have at his disposal anti-aircraft machine guns, artillery, or even powerful coastal bombardment artillery, and will defend against enemy air raids or destroy Japanese infantry invasion units. Moreover, all this takes place in the beautiful scenery of the Hawaiian Islands, as though straight from a travel brochure. However, instead of holidaymaking and delightful views, the player will face a powerful charge of emotions and excitement — highlighted with special effects and in full graphic detail, operational also on older computers and graphic cards.

Game features

  • Easy to play, strong out of box experience
  • Enjoy nonstop military arcade action with gunfire, bombs and brilliant explosions.
  • Fight for allied and destroy Japanese planes, ships and infantry.
  • Designed to appeal to the broadest base — arcade-style aerial combat makes the game fun for the casual gamer as well as the World War II buff
  • Take control of the F4U Corsair and Dauntless dive bomber, two classic aircraft
  • 20 missions offer aircraft carrier battles, defensive actions against enemy invasion and the storming of Japanese occupied islands

Game screenshots

Pacific Heroes game screenshot Pacific Heroes game screenshot Pacific Heroes game screenshot Pacific Heroes game screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 7.0
  • Processor 350 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM


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