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Game details

Defender of the Crown game

Defender of the Crown

Genre: puzzle / strategy

Download Defender of the Crown gameDownload game (51.00 MB)  Buy Defender of the Crown game onlineOrder full version ($9.99)

Game review

Classic Defender of The Crown in a completely refreshed new version! Medieval Britain is in trouble: Old King died and left no heir. Civil war spreads across the country; mighty Saxon knights and Norman invaders fight to win the British Crown.

Battle five cunning lords for control of medieval England! Build and lead your armies of knights and archers on the battlefield to greatness. Conduct daring raids to rescue poor princesses and pillage the treasuries. Compete in jousting and archery tournaments, and lay siege to your foes with catapults and Greek Fire! Gain fame as you continue the adventure ... remember the key is to outsmart, and outmuscle your foes to lay sole claim to the British crown!

This isn’t just a game... this is a legend, so get to your computer and fight for fame and glory!

Game screenshots

Defender of the Crown game screenshot Defender of the Crown game screenshot Defender of the Crown game screenshot Defender of the Crown game screenshot

System requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor 800 MHz
  • RAM 128 MB
  • DirectX 9.0


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